Nothing beats going to the game and witnessing a magic moment….Unless you missed it waiting in line. 


Engage your sponsors and offer your fans a 360 degree experience!


Increased sales.

Increased efficiency.

Increased impressions.


We make teams & concessionaires the MVP’s!

Seamlessly integrates with any franchise’s existing mobile app

Quick and easy in-seat service

Exclusive fan experiences

Seamless sponsor integration

We work with all concessionaires

Increase Concession Sales

No one wants to miss game time waiting in line to purchase food. Bring the power of mobile purchasing to your fans…direct to their seat.

Introduce Mobile Merchandising & Fan Experiences

Jumpstart new revenue streams now!  By providing mobile commerce and in-stadium experiences to fans, not only will you turbocharge your revenue streams, you also deepen the fan experience!

For Franchises.

Our clients keep their fans in the action with the same comforts as home.

Tap.in2 makes it easy for fans to spend money on the food, alcohol, merchandise and live experiences they came for.

We integrate into your existing app and offer a backend portal providing real-time reporting on fan spending.

Our Premiere Partners.

We Are Tap.in2

Our team is comprised of executives and developers with decades of experience in sports and entertainment marketing, food and beverage, e-commerce, and financial services. We understand that today’s fans spend game time on their mobile devices and have come to expect instant service via their smartphones in every facet of their life.  Tap.in2 is dedicated to aligning the game experience with modern consumer behavior – saving the venue from lost revenue and sparing the fans from waiting in line.

Nothing beats going to the game and witnessing a magic moment….Unless you missed it waiting in line.  #MakeEveryFanaVIP!

For inquiries, please contact:

Shane Walker
Director of Franchise Relations

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